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About me

I feel so blessed to have a business I love and to be involved in so many beautiful weddings. Wedding photography is one of the few jobs where you’re surrounded by upbeat, happy people on what is one of the most emotional days of their lives.



I have worked professionally, running a photography studio since 2008. I started out in Mexico shooting up-market weddings and social events. Since the end of 2012, I have been shooting weddings in Hawke's Bay, Wellington Region, Manawatu, Rotorua, Wairarapa, Nelson and Rarotonga. I have shot about 200 weddings.



The work on my website is all from the events and photos I personally took. I shoot in RAW and edit each photo for just the right light, colour and emotion. Quality is my priority.


What gear do you use?

We shoot with Canon cameras in HD and 4K (including backups) using the best lenses available and edit using Adobe Suite, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro. My audio system for wedding videography includes a Sennheiser Mic. 

My Style

I love capturing natural light, the essence, the spirit of weddings - turning romance, fun into art. You are unique and my photos reflect this fact. I love weddings because they require such a range of shots - candid, artistic, classic, portrait, flowers.... you’ll get them all. In editing, I tend to keep things natural, with black and whites copies and vintages thrown in when appropriate. I am very aware that certain styles date, so I focus more on beauty which is timeless. In saying this, I’ll make sure your skin looks great and natural, and that the exposure and colours are spots on. I also have the additional advantage of working with male photographers and videographers. 

What are your strengths?

Capturing the essence of your day - the real spirit and emotion of what goes on. Whether you arrive in a Rolls Royce or tramping boots, I love capturing the real you, projecting your personality and not imposing a style. Some of our couples love the elegant, formal style, while others love fun and playful (or mix). I'm open to capturing a full range of colours and traditions. Photography is a people-based industry and to be relaxed you need a friendly photographer that you can trust.



I shoot with backup cameras and lenses and store your photos in three different places. I also keep backup copies of your work after I deliver it to you. Azul Studios is a registered New Zealand tax-paying business.


How early do you arrive?

I arrive about one hour before the bride starts putting on her dress. I also shot the groom getting ready for no additional cost. This way I have time to shoot important details such as rings, jewellery and kiddies.

How long do you stay?

I charge by what happens, not by the hour. That way, you’re not worried about any additional costs and can relax and enjoy your day. For example, my Full Coverage photo and/or video package covers everything, right to the First Dance. De Luxe Photo also includes guest dancing, sparkle and night shots and a Premium quality Photobook. 

How many photos do you deliver?

Capturing all your special moments requires taking lots of photos - thousands of photos. Depending on your event, by the time I select and edit your photos, you’ll get at least 1,000 photos for a ‘Full Coverage’ or 'De Luxe' and at least 500 photos for an ‘Up to Reception’ package. I clean your skin, do colour correction, edit your photos in the style that captures the essence of your wedding, and include b&w photos.


How long does it take you to deliver?

It does depend on the time of year. It can take up to 6 weeks. Editing photos and videos is an art form that really shouldn’t be rushed. I’ll include a delivery time in your contract.

Can we copy our photos and/or video?

Absolutely. I encourage you to copy and share your beautiful images with whomever you’d like, as you also have the copyright to all your photos. I also give you internet resolution copies of your photos, so you can upload and share them online.

Will you post our pictures on Facebook or Instagram?

I’d only post with your permission. Many of our clients have family and friends overseas and love the fact that, with their permission, I’ve shared their images with their family and friends. 


How can we reserve our date?

With a 20% deposit.


What are your payment options?

I am flexible in this regard, but find most people prefer to pay in instalments, with 80% paid by your wedding date. The final instalment is due two days before the delivery of your wedding photo and/or video package.

Can we upgrade our package?

Absolutely. If at any time in the future you’d like to upgrade any of my packages. You might book me for an ‘Up to Reception’ package and then find that my ‘De Luxe’ Package suits you better. This option is great if you’re a little unsure what your budget will be.

Can we get shots of our children as well?

Children bring so much joy to a wedding and I love the magic they add to photos. I often use the day as a perfect chance to get some great family shots.


Do you sub-contract out your work?

If you wanted additional shooters, I could arrange this at a reasonable price. In an emergency situation, I subcontract my work with two well known professional photographers. 

Can you work with another photographer/videographer?

Sure - over the years, we’ve really enjoyed working with other professionals and it's always nice to meet people who share a similar passion. 


Why don’t you charge for travel?

I enjoy getting out and exploring and love finding those hidden gems - places most people drive straight past. I also find my clients love the fact that my final prices are on the website.


What about international destinations?

If you’re getting married in Rarotonga, Fiji or some other exotic paradise, I’d really love to talk with you to organise something special that easily competes with local offerings. I am currently shooting weddings in Rarotonga in winter. I am just mindful of current restrictions due to Covid-19.


How do you keep your prices affordable?

I am a boutique photography and videography studio and work to keep my overheads low. My studio is at home, so I don’t have to pay rent on an inner-city studio. These savings are passed on to you.

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