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Congratulations on your engagement! 

We love photographing and video-graphing weddings in our boutique studio.

We love our job! The artistic, creative and social mix that goes into taking wedding photos and videos.

We capture romance, fun and what makes your wedding unique.

Our client's feedback is that they love how we

capture the essence of every wedding and how we use natural light to make their wedding photos and videos unique.

We are a talented team of female and male photographer and videographer using Canon latest equipment with experience in 200 weddings in New Zealand.


Finding beauty in details and people's features, close-up-intimate shots are our favourite, combined with the beauty of New Zealand's landscapes.

We love creativity and always look forward to using new techniques to photograph and videography your special moments, and editing each and every photo and video.


Enjoy our wedding photography and videography.


God Bless,   

     Daniela MSc         






Our logo was designed using a photo taken inside a cave in Rangitoto Island, looking up towards the sky, and then converting it to a negative image in Photoshop before adjusting the colours to your business's "emerald blue"


It means to us

Always Look Up & Grow.


It means the constant growth of the three above the cave and the peace that comes from looking at the blue sky. 

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