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Tauranga wedding photographer, Azul Studios Photo and Video, Clearview Estate Winery wedding photographer



We love weddings!  

Natural, authentic & real

wedding photos and videos

Weddings can bring people together from different cultures and traditions. Whether you want to elope outside in the sand dunes or be in a church with your favourite tunes.

We are a talented team of female and male photographer and videographer using Canon latest equipment with experience in 200 weddings in New Zealand, Mexico and Rarotonga.

You are the real love story before our eyes.


Finding beauty in details and people's features, close-up-intimate shots are our favourite, combined with the beauty of New Zealand's landscapes.


Enquire about our separate or combined wedding photo and video packages.


We like to capture that unique style & happy warm feelings seen in your smiles.


God Bless,   

     Daniela MSc         





Our logo story

Our logo was designed using a photo I shot inside a cave in Rangitoto Island while looking up the sky, then converted the photo to negative in Photoshop and adjusted the colour to the business colour “emerald blue”.


It represents two important believes:

Always Look Up & Grow.


Represented by the constant growth of the three growing above the cave and the peace that comes from looking at the blue sky. 

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